“Fast and affordable preventative action”

PIP Lift Service Ltd has a UK-wide network of NVQ3 qualified engineers and NVQ4 technicians who can service or maintain any brand, age and type of manufactured hydraulic and electric traction lifting equipment (including passenger lifts, goods lifts, platforms, dumbwaiters). 

Annual contracts are very cost-effective ways of ensuring routine lift maintenance is carried out in a timely schedule, reducing operational downtime that inconveniences your staff and customers.  PIP Lift Service Ltd works to a preventative maintenance schedule that reduces breakdowns caused by wear and tear, by identifying potential problems before they occur. 

A typical maintenance schedule includes inspection, general cleaning, lubrication, levelling and safety checks, plus any running adjustments or operational functions that ensure continued safe and reliable operation.

You can have an annual contract for

►Breakdowns/ 24hr Reactive Callout Cover



►Low Rise Accessibility

Property owners/managers have a legal responsibility to ensure their lifts are maintained efficiently and that they keep up-to-date with any changes in legislation that might affect their lift operations.  

PIP Lift Service Ltd alerts its customers when it’s time for maintenance and provides jargon-free advice, guidance and paperwork, making it much easier to comply with all the legislation and regulation.  

To discuss your lift maintenance or repair requirements, call us on 01708 373999 or email  

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