Energy-Efficient Products

With sustainability and environmental impact high on the agenda of both individuals and businesses, these are now crucial factors to be investigated when considering the best vertical lifting solutions for passenger or goods movement. 

Efficient & Ethical passenger and goods lift solutions 

Environmentally friendly products have long past just been trendy things to have, today we are all focused lowering our impact to our planet. Although not a manufacturing company, PIP Lifts is committed to delivering environmentally friendly products as they become available. Some already are, and for some time we have been installing energy efficient MRL, traction and hydraulic lifts, fitted with low consumption LED lighting. 

Taking advantage of the available energy efficient options for a new or modernised lift, can lower your energy costs as well as contributing to your Corporate Responsibility goals. We all understand the importance of energy efficiency, and will be very happy to advise you of the power consumption of all our products, as well as potential modular improvements such as low-energy lighting and regenerative drives. 

As a completely independent provider of lift repairs, installation and refurbishment, we can help you decide whether to repair an existing lift or to opt for something new, taking into account the energy efficiency of the various options available and the likely impact over time on both running costs and environmental impact.