There is no substitute for experience. We don’t believe in a plug and play ethos, so we have engineers and modernisation specialists who know what they are doing. With time served senior managers and technicians trained to NVQ Level 4, supported by NVQ Level 3 engineers, we bring knowledge and experience to each and every job we undertake. 

Expert guidance

Choosing the right lift, and the right maintenance plan for any premises is a major decision affecting the building’s facilities, people’s experience of its amenities and the reputation of any company that relies on a lift for the day to day movement of employees and visitors. 

We offer expert guidance based on first-hand experience of installing, maintaining and repairing lifts for varying purposes, in a wide range of environments. We will always recommend tried and tested products to best suit your building’s needs, while keeping abreast of developments in lift technology and offering new and innovative products to our customers wherever appropriate.