Excellent communication is the foundation of good customer service, and is of paramount importance to us at PIP Lifts. 

Information at every step

Our core principles of openness and transparency guide everything that we do, and we aim to keep customers fully informed at every stage of the process from diagnosing faults to implementing repairs and installations. Our communication is: 

  • Clear and direct 
  • Open and transparent 
  • Professionally informed 
  • Prompt and efficient 

We believe that good communication equals safer working processes, better value for money and greater customer satisfaction. 

How we communicate 

Inward bound 

We welcome all forms of communication, phone, email or traditional mail, whatever is best to suit your needs. Our emergency repairs hotline is open 24/7. Find our contact details here

Outward bound 

It’s generally not knowing that upsets customers, and we understand that. As a customer-focused business, we strive to keep our customers informed of job status, parts availability and any cost issues that are not covered by a PIP Lifts installation, modernisation or maintenance contract.