An ageing or failing lift can have a huge impact on both the functionality and status of any building. Common indications of a failing lift include frequent breakdowns, high power consumption, increased waiting times, noisy operation and shabby aesthetics. All of these, or any one of these, can result in a building appearing old-fashioned, uncared for and not living up to its potential. Over time, repeatedly repairing a troublesome or worn lift can be a false economy, resulting in high cost and passenger inconvenience. 

Modernisation Benefits

Lift technology has progressed in recent years, meaning that there are many potential benefits to modernisation or refurbishment, including: 

  • Improved performance & fewer breakdowns 
  • Reduced repair costs 
  • Improved appearance 
  • Improved usability (e.g. new buttons and displays) 
  • Noise reduction 
  • Environmental benefits (regenerative drives & LED lights)