“Replace, repair or refurbish? Our expert advice helps you to decide”

Sometimes lift companies recommend that you replace an older lift with a new, mass-produced lift package, rather than prolonging its working life. Ask us for advice on modernisation and refurbishment of your hydraulic and electric traction lifting equipment (including passenger lifts, goods lifts, stair lifts/elevators, platforms and dumbwaiters).   

PIP Lift Service Ltd examines all of the facts and does a full site survey, after which you’ll be presented with all the options that will meet your specific requirements, which may include modernisation or refurbishment.  The company’s UK-wide team of qualified lift engineers and technicians all have the specialist knowledge and technical skills to replace, refurbish or modernise all types and brands of lift. 

Your site survey will also establish whether your existing lift equipment still complies with the required legislation and industry-specific compliance standards.

Typical modernisation or refurbishment works may include:

►Control panel replacement

►Drive / performance Improvements

►Car interior upgrades

►Door equipment update

►Health & Safety upgrades

►The Equality Act 2010 improvements

►Works in accordance with the latest B.S. Standards

► “Phased approach” modernisations.

To discuss modernisation or refurbishment, call 01708 373999 or email  

Case Studies

Prestigious W1 London Offices

A multi tenanted office block in W1 included the refurbishment of 2 scenic passenger lifts.  Utilising Lester Controls Almega systems with a wireless laptop system to control the lifts from the buildings reception desk this allows security to monitor control access to the floors.  The refurbishment included innovative direct to floor USP monitoring system giving seamless acceleration and deceleration into floor and smooth ride quality.


Prestigious St Albans Offices

PIP Lift Service Limited were awarded the contract to totally modernise a 4 car group of 10 floor Otis passenger lifts including new traction drive machines, variable frequency controls, safety gears and new car and landing door equipment.   The works also included complete new back painted glass lift car interiors, new landing and car LCD displays and in accordance with DDA.


London Borough Council

Recently PIP Lift Service Limited  recently have successfully completed the modernisation of six skip stop residential passenger lifts.
The works included the replacement of machines, entrances, lift cars and landing fixtures together with health and safety improvements.


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