May I take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of myself and the client for completing the work ahead of schedule and in a professional manner. In this respect I would be grateful if you would thank the engineers who undertook the work in a steadfast manner.

Just so you know I unhesitatingly recommend PIP Lifts on all fronts from pricing , to customer service and responses times.

Thank you for the work done here and for completing the task yesterday, having use of the lift ahead of schedule is greatly appreciated.

PIP Lifts have been contracted since the beginning of 2011, they carry out their tasks with great professionalism with the minimum amount of fuss and are a “breath of fresh air”

I would like to say that this morning I have telephoned 2 additional lift companies for info/advice etc.  After a lot of sighing!!! , ‘ I don’t know’, ‘we only usually do flats and offices’ ‘I’ll TRY to find out’ etc  as a comparison your front line staff response was excellent – helpful, upbeat, positive, efficient at referring the call – so please let her know it was very much appreciated. 

Being a Friday, we were concerned that there would be delays, but we were pleased that the response was fast, and, despite a problem, the fault was rectified quickly.

The service is excellent, all working well with me on my site, a responsive and competitive firm, all working well

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